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PICOLET sport tunes

true wireless earbuds

fresh sound

The perfect earbuds for your active lifestyle

Discover picolet sport tunes

Meet the Picolet Sport Tunes. Experience an intense sound experience with extremely balanced tones with these new earbuds of Picolet. The earbuds not only have a sleek sporty look, but are also specially designed for every type of ear, so that they always stay securely and firmly in your ears.

With new options such as USB-C, volume control and wireless charging, you are also fully equipped with the latest trends!

Keep going

Although the average workout lasts no longer than 90 minutes, you can enjoy your music for up to 5 hours without interruption with a single charge.

Are you going to run a marathon of a few hours? No problem! The earbuds accompany you throughout the training time.

Soft Sound isolating earcap

LED indicator & Microfoon

Multifunction button

Charging thimble

sport tunes in detail

discover the functionality

Experience a safe comfortable wearing feeling

Through extensive research, we have been able to find the right composition between the design of the earpiece and the silicone attachments.

As a result, we have managed to develop a suitable design that has the right fit for every type of ear. Take them to the gym or wear them during your home workouts. During push ups you no longer have to worry that the earplugs will fall out of your ears!

Wireless charging

Don’t feel like plugging in a cable every time? The picolet Sport Tunes wireless earbuds are not only wireless while listening to music, but also completely wireless while charging. Place the charging case on a wireless charger and the earphones will charge themselves!

Different sizes earcaps for a great sound experience

The Sport Tunes come with 3 different sizes and models of silicone ear tips. This means that the right size can be found for every type of ear cup, from small to large, for the best fit and, above all, an intense sound experience!

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''find out other people experiences''

Frankly, these are very good earphones. The earphones have a rich sound and fit well in my ears. I have no trouble operating it. You can press the buttons gently. I charge via the charger of my samsung galaxy. Overall I am very satisfied



I use these earbuds during work and jogging. They stay in my ears very well. Calling also goes well. I hear everything properly and people understand me clearly! The sound with music is great, the bass is nicely present and everything sounds clean. Also handy that I can charge them wirelessly. Very satisfied here! Thank you Picolet



usb-c fast charging

Discover the benefits of USB-C. This way you not only charge your earbuds 70% faster, but unlike micro USB, it also has a symmetrical shape so that you can always connect it easily

Hi-fi stereo sound

Experience a high-quality piece of sound engineering craftsmanship. Exclusive patent designed speakers with 108dB high sensitivity + 14mm trumpets and a premium driver, provide crystal clear high quality sound.


Nothing stands in your way anymore! Become limitless during your workout, whether you are sweating hard or if you suddenly have a rain shower, the Picolet Sport Tunes are no obstacles at all. With IPX5, the ears can easily withstand perspiration and water drops.


Simply connect in a few seconds

The earbuds can be quickly paired within 3 seconds with any Bluetooth device, such as Apple iPhone / Samsung and all other Android phones!

Take the earbuds out of the charging case, they will automatically turn on and search for your device to connect. Once paired with your device, it will remember the earbuds and will always keep connecting automatically afterwards.

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''More Customer Reviews''

Comfortable, sounds great and stays charged for a very long time. The charger has a USB-C connection and magnets that automatically slide the earphones into position. Both earphones have a volume function, track forward and backward, activate Siri and more. I am very satisfied.



I have been using them for a while now and can say that they have lived up to my expectations. The earbuds are relatively light and fit well. The quality is good and the packaging also looked premium. I had no problems connecting it to my Galaxy. I am also satisfied with the sound. Hopefully these will last a long time




Picolet sport tunes

1 year warranty

30 days money back guarantee

fast delivery in 24 hours


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