about us

our vision

Founded in 2018 with a vision to bring high-quality wireless audio equipment to the market such as our Beat Icons. We focus on design, comfort and superior sound.

We want to provide the customer with an ultimate experience in the field of wireless sound. During exercise you want earplugs to stay in your ears and of course you want good sound which gives that extra boost to your workout.

Here we look at the design of the ear and the wearing comfort of the ear-tip for the development of the best fit in the ear.

The sound from our earbuds is adjusted to the right balance of treble and bass. They are also equipped with the latest technology such as Bluetooth 5.0.

We always strive for innovation of our products and look at the wishes of the customer. We work with enthusiasm and passion on a new evolution of wireless sound.


digitale gebruikershandleiding

Laat ons weten waar we jou digitale gebruikershandleiding naartoe moeten sturen!