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Frequent Asked Questions

With Amazon Prime  you can enjoy your Beat Icons within 2 days.

Check the following:

  • Usually in smartphones and tablets you can set whether Bluetooth headphones should be ignored. Check this and deactivate it.
  • Many devices can store up to eight Bluetooth playback devices. To make room you must sometimes remove one or more devices from the list.
  • Rebooting your smartphone may also help if the new device is not found.

If you have connected the Beat icons successfully before, remove the Beat Icons completely from your Bluetooth list. Then pair them again. Usually, this solves the error.


The Beat Icons come with 3 different earcaps. Choose the right sized earcap that fits in your ears. Carefully follow the instructions in the user guide to ensure that you place them correctly.

The Beat Icons give a stable connection up to 12 meters. Sometimes a simple reset can resolve minor malfunction. Read here how to reset the Beat Icons.

Also check the following

  • If unnecessarily many devices are connected to a telephone or tablet, disconnect all connections that are not required.
  • Ensure that the Bluetooth connection is not disturbed by a material such as metal. A microwave or Wi-Fi router can also disturb the signal.

The Beat Icons are provided English and German speech. By pressing the left the earbuds for 5 seconds, you change the language settings.

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